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Get familiar with TTL

Get familiar with TTL

TTL is definitely necessary if you use the Domain Name System. It functions similarly to an expiration date for DNS records. We’ll see its purpose, its application in the DNS, and how long Time-to-Live takes. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business.

TTL Explanation

The time-to-live (TTL) parameter defines how long a data packet will stay alive after being sent across multiple hops. Either in-network memory or in cache memory. The data packet will be terminated when the timer expires or reaches its hop limit. Data packets vary in size, shape, and content, but they all have the same time-to-live. That time should be computed based on how long data packets must stay in a device to complete their missions.

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What does Round Robin DNS mean?

What does Round Robin DNS mean?

Round Robin DNS is a very effective traffic distribution method. In this article, we’ll look at its concept, its key benefits, and how to set it up. But first, let’s see what Load balancing is.

Load balancing – definition

Load balancing is an approach to improving network performance by distributing traffic among different servers using a specific algorithm. The visitor’s IP address, a server’s present occupation, a weighted loading balance based on the servers’ capacity, and other factors could be used to manage traffic.

How does Round Robin Load balancing work?

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A record vs AAAA record: What is the difference?

A record vs AAAA record: What is the difference?

A and AAAA records are among the most important in the DNS system. The process of resolving a domain name to find the IP address is managed by these two types of DNS records. This is what makes them valuable and essential to access the internet easily and quickly.  

What does A record mean? 

A record is the most popular and simple type used in DNS servers, where “A” stands for Address. The A record uses a domain name to find the device’s IP address connected to the Internet. 

Consider the following example – You are a web user and want to access www.abc123.com. This request is sent to the DNS resolver. It identifies the IP, and then the page automatically loads. 

In other words, the A record uses the domain name to find the IP address (IPv4 address). 

AAAA record – definition

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