What does Round Robin DNS mean?

Round Robin DNS is a very effective traffic distribution method. In this article, we’ll look at its concept, its key benefits, and how to set it up. But first, let’s see what Load balancing is.

Load balancing – definition

Load balancing is an approach to improving network performance by distributing traffic among different servers using a specific algorithm. The visitor’s IP address, a server’s present occupation, a weighted loading balance based on the servers’ capacity, and other factors could be used to manage traffic.

How does Round Robin Load balancing work?

What is Round Robin DNS?

Round Robin DNS is a Load balancing solution for the Domain Name System. Its goal is to manage traffic based on how many servers you have and when a user request arrives. The idea is simple: you have several A or AAAA records with different IP addresses. Each of these IP addresses corresponds to a separate web server that hosts a copy of your website. When a user tries to resolve your domain name in their browser, the authoritative name server in charge of the A or AAAA records will deliver the next available A or AAAA record from the ones you have. Visitors will be automatically redirected based on when they reached your DNS Name server if you set up records for each of your web servers.

How to configure it?

If you want to set up Round Robin DNS, you’ll need to find a good DNS Hosting provider. Some of the good ones are, for example, ClouDNS, easyDNS, NS1, and many others. To put it another way, you need to choose a reliable provider and log into their system. Then, you’ll be able to set up Round Robin DNS there.

Here’s an example configuration:

geodns.uk, A record –> point to the IP address to the first server

geodns.uk, A record –> point to the IP address to the second server

geodns.uk, A record –> point to the IP address to the third server

and so on.

Advantages of Round Robin DNS

Here are some of its main benefits:

  • Round Robin is simple to set up.
  • It’s a cost-effective option.
  • It comes in handy when it comes to managing DNS traffic. Other servers can be used to divert the traffic. It has the ability to completely alleviate stress at precise spots throughout the Network.
  • By improving traffic management, the network becomes less saturated, resulting in improved overall performance.


On a final note, Round Robin DNS is a really useful Load balancing method. It is absolutely easy to set up and cost-effective. In addition, it could boost your website performance. So it’s worthwhile to give it a shot.

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