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GeoDNS explained.

Geographical Domain Name System (GeoDNS) is a very interesting and effective method for distributing traffic. It is also called global traffic director or only traffic director. The unique thing about it is that it works by serving requests by location.

With GeoDNS it is easy to optimize the traffic towards a domain, plus it is a decent option for load balancing. Once it is implemented, it reduces many problems, and the network gets a boost.

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Although large amounts of traffic require big solutions. In case you are an owner of an international business, for sure you should consider GeoDNS. It is going to fulfill your needs thanks to all the required name servers positioned in different strategic locations all over the globe. It could suit your market perfectly!

How does GeoDNS work?

We are able to use GeoDNS most of all because of the extensive networks containing enough number of servers. That way, they cover big regions and many continents or even the entire world. 

The process in which your domain name is discovered and loaded for the users to visit and explore is DNS resolution. The beginning of it is initiated by the users typing your domain name within their browser. Next, the request proceeds to the DNS servers. So, in case you have implemented GeoDNS, those servers are going to examine the IP addresses of the users. Moreover, they are going to determine the place from which the request was made. 

Then, they are going to scan the available locations on a database. The goal is to determine which server is capable of answering the request in the fastest way. Each one of the servers of the same domain name holds a different IP address. That is the key that boosts the speed. 

Regular DNS servers, meaning those without GeoDNS, utilize an identical IP address for a domain name, for instance, Anycast DNS.

GeoDNS determines the route and makes sure to direct the requests to the most nearby server to their location.


  • Effortless use. You won’t experience any difficulties when you are setting it up. After that, everything is going to work automatically. Simple DNS knowledge is all you need.
  • Redirect traffic. With GeoDNS, you can create a complete CDN. That way, you can have your website on several servers and, with the assistance of GeoDNS, automatically direct your users to the most nearby version of your website. That method is going to attend you as a load balancer too. Your network is going to operate flawlessly.
  • Monitoring. The GeoDNS will not just do the early mentioned, but it is going to monitor your DNS. It could also be arranged to block IP addresses from your blacklist. As a result, it will avoid difficulties.
  • Manage geo-restrictions. You could insert geo-restrictions depending on the IP address (location) of your users. You could choose which will be able to see a particular type of content. This is very useful when managing things with intellectual properties, such as videos, music, pictures, and so on.

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